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Laboratory Staff at International Conferences

A series of conferences with the participation of the members of the Laboratory of analysis and modeling of social processes took place in September this year.


September 3-9, Albena (Bulgaria) hosted an international interdisciplinary conference on the social sciences and arts. Link to the conference website: http://www.sgemsocial.org/.

Dr. Olga Bernikova gave presentations in two sections: at the “Sociology” section with the presentation “Current trends of the linguistic situation in the Arab world” and at the “Education” section with the presentation “ICT and new approaches to Arabic learning”.

SGEM Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences were established in 2001 year with the main idea to focus the World’s Scientific Elite in the most recent and innovative areas of Science. SGEM Conferences are well known and recognized as one of the most prestigious and with big impact factor events in the International Scientific World. SGEM Conferences till now covers all areas of the GeoSciences, with a total of 27 scientific fields. All accepted articles are published in Conference Proceedings and yearly is submitted for evaluating and indexing by ISI Web of Knowledge, Web of Science, Thomson Reuters, ELSEVIER products, SCOPUS, CrossRef, EBSCO, ProQuest,Google Scholar, Mendeley, CiteUlike, CrossRef Citedby Linking, British Library.


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September 17 – 19, the University of Sapienza (Rome) hosted the fifteenth meeting of the Afro-Asiatic Linguistics.

Traditionally, this workshop is visited by the leading linguists specializing in various areas of Arabic linguistics. Our laboratory has been represented at the event by the head of the Arabic Philology Department, Professor Oleg Redkin and associate professor of the Arabic Philology Department Olga Bernikova. In addition to active participation in scientific discussions our colleagues gave the following presentation: “The formalization of the Arabic language and computer software” (O. Redkin) and “Computer analysis of the Arabic Morphology: New Opportunities” (O. Bernikova). The theses are available on the conference website: http://www.antichita.uniroma1.it/node/6855.

Over the years the Italian Afro-Asiatic Meetings offer the possibility of a fruitful confrontation around the wide linguistic groups of languages that span over two continents, Africa and Asia, and along a period of time from the third Millennium BC to our days. Born as Camito-Semitic Meeting, it has progressively increased its international attractiveness, being one of the very few occasions to promote discussion and debate on the synchronic, diachronic or comparative analysis of languages belonging to the Afro-Asiatic linguistic family (Berber, Chadic, Cushitic, Egyptian, Omotic, and Semitic)


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