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Young Arabists Conference

Alexander Knysh, the head of the Laboratory of Analysis and Modeling of Social Processes visited the Young Arabists Conference. The event was held at  the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts (Russian Academy of Science)from 29 to 30 May. For more information click the link below: http://orientalstudies.ru/rus/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3740&Itemid=48

Laboratory members received a patent for invention

Laboratory members received a patent for development and creation of the computer software program.  Certificate of state registration number № 2013661320 “Software OCR visual text information in Arabic”

Head of the Laboratory, Professor Alexander Knysh received a grant of EURIAS

Head of the Laboratory of analysis and modeling of social processes at the State St-Petersburg University, Professor of the Michigan University Alexander Knysh received a grant from EURIAS (Network of European Institutes for Advanced Studies). In terms of this grant A.Knysh will carry out the research project “Sufism in Modern Times” in Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. For more information click the link below http://www.2015-2016.eurias-fp.eu/fellows/alexander-knysh

Professor Alexander Knysh took part in Open Society Foundation Seminar

Professor Alexander Knysh, the Head of the Laboratory, took part in the seminar “Islam in the Public Sphere: Manifestations and Contestations”, held in Bodrum (Turkey) in May, 2 – 7, 2014. The event was organized within the “Regional Seminars for Excellence in Teaching” program by the Open Society Foundation.

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