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Production of the online course “Arabic language. Part 2”

We are glad to announce that the registration is continuing for the online course “Arabic language. Part 2″. Course is headed by Professor Oleg Redkin, among the creators of the course are Associate Professor Olga Bernikova, graduate students of St. Petersburg State University Vladimir Rozov and Oleg Sokolov. The course is a continuation of the previous course “Arabic. Introductory course.” During the training, students will continue to become familiar with the morphology of the Arabic language and its syntax. The communication skills would be developed through listening and studying thematic dialogs, which are presented in the form of short videos. The dialogue texts are provided with Russian translation and audio files. Each module includes a dictionary with vocabulary used in it. Based on the results of the course, students are expected to learn at least 1000 lexical units. The course consists of 10 modules, each of which includes grammar material, dialogue and exercises for homework.


Professor O. Redkin and associate professor O. Bernikova are winners of Saint Petersburg State University prizes for 2018

At a meeting of the Academic Council of St. Petersburg State University, the results of competitive selection for the awards were announced. Among the winners of the St. Petersburg State University Prize for Academic and Methodological Work for 2018 are the members of the Laboratory, Professor Oleg Redkin, and Associate Professor Olga Bernikova. Also at the end of the year Oleg Redkin and Olga Bernikova were awarded the St. Petersburg State University Prize “For Scientific Works” in the category “For Fundamental Achievements in Science” for a series of works entitled “Interdisciplinarity and Innovation in Arabic and Islamic Studies”.