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Forum for New Ideas and Projects (FONIP)

The Forum for New ideas and Projects (AFONIP) at the Laboratory for Analysis and Modeling of Social Processes was established in November 2014.

The main goals of the Forum are:

The format:

If you would like to present your work to the Forum, please, connect with the coordinator Oleg Sokolov via e-mail olegs1291@gmail.com.

Profiles of the participants of the Forum

Previous events hosted by the Forum

The second workshop of the Forum took place on 23 January 2015. Master student Vladimir Rozov from the department of Oriental Studies presented a paper entitled “Lexicon of Islamic finances: creating an identity” about norms of Islamic economics and its terminology. (more…)

The next meeting of the Forum.

The second meeting of the Forum will take place 23 January at 16:00. Vladimir Rozov will present his report “Lexicon of Islamic finances: creating identity”. Everyone interested is invited

The first workshop of the Forum

On 5 November 2014 the first workshop of the Forum for took place. Anastasia Ulangina, a PhD student from the Department of Oriental studies talked about “Views of Islam in the Modern Saudi Novel”. Ulangina’s presentation resulted in a lively discussion of tensions between a quest for freedom of expression and Islamic norms and patriarchal constraints in the conservative societies of the Gulf. (more…)