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“Asia and Africa in a Changing World”

The Department of Orientology (Vostochnyi fakultet) hosted an annual international conference on historiography and of Asian and African Studies. This year the conference was organized around the theme “Asia and Africa in a Changing World”.

Originally established as a multidisciplinary meeting of scholars of Asian and African societies the conference has become one of the most representative international forums of scholars from Russia and Committee. The participants made 500 presentations at18 panels; 550 paper abstracts were published in advance of the conference.

Islamic studies were the mail subject of several sections, including “Historiography of Islam in Russia” (moderated by Prof. A.K. Bustanov from European University, SPbSU). Head of the Laboratory A.D. Knysh moderated a panel “Islam and Muslims: Images, Discourses, Sources and Approaches” that addressed new approaches and methods in Islamic studies. Innovations and modern technologies were discussed and presented at a panel “Arabic language proceeding and digital technologies in Islamic studies” (moderated by Prof. O.I. Redkin).

The entire staff of the Laboratory took part in the conference.